AMAZON Cookie Pumper iPhone Automate Like a Human


The Amazon Cookie Pumper, also referred to as the Amazon Cookie Robot, is an iPhone tool that automates various actions on the Amazon homepage. It utilizes artificial intelligence to perform over 500 commonly used actions on the website, while mimicking the behavior of an actual user. The tool can be used on popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. It can also search for keywords on Google and other websites such as eBay, Etsy, and Walmart.

Some of the features of the Amazon Cookie Robot include acting like a real user by aggregating blocks and intelligently running threads on the Amazon site. The tool can perform various login actions using different methods to ensure the user’s account remains secure. Additionally, the tool can search for keywords on Google and Amazon pages, click on products that match specific keywords, and randomly view product details and specifications.

The tool also allows users to add items to their cart, change payment and shipping methods for their orders, read product reviews (including the most helpful ones), browse through product catalogs, and set a timer for random milliseconds to perform actions in a human-like manner. Furthermore, the tool allows users to enter custom keywords to search for specific products.

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AMAZON Cookie Pumper iPhone Automate Like a Human

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